Terms and conditions.

We at Ruben's Luxury Private House will not share your personal information that you had shared with us.

The rooms or the house should be booked by paying 15% in advance. Cancellation will result in 10% deduction of your payments to cover the administration cost. Cancellation should be done 7 days prior to the booking date.

Payments should be made through normal bank transfer methods. Please note wire transfers are not accepted.

You as a guest at our Luxury Private House will have to look after the house and must look after all the gadgets in it as your own one. If you make any damage to any them, you will have to pay for the replacement or for the parts and the repair costs.

Management is not responsible for any injuries, lost properties or any related incidents while you are occupying the house.

Jaffna Bungalow
Colombo Appartment

  • Furnished Bungalow and Appartments.
  • Affordable price.
  • Best value for your family vacation.